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Telecoms Support Maintenance Services

A comprehensive telecom maintenance solution

Maintenance & Equipments

If you are looking for a complete solution for telecom maintenance of your telecommunication equipment, the answer is FBS. Our company focuses on customised services for phone maintenance and phone equipment installation. Mitel Telecom Corporation is a top brand that has partnered with FBS in the spectrum of services. Our company has a well-equipped team of competent telecom specialists who combine the total installation services according to your requirements.

Specialists in Advanced Business Phone Systems & Equipment

Through its partnership with Maximum Networks, FBS provides exceptional services in advanced business phone systems and equipment. Our team offers a comprehensive range of telecom maintenance solutions, all of which are intertwined with customer-specific adequacies. At the request of our business clients, we provide telecom maintenance solutions at client sites and remotely. FBS ensures Maximum Network’s complete services to enthral clients by providing after-sales support and potent service for all of their equipment. We apply our expertise to provide our customers with the best possible platform for their communication needs.

Support Exceptional Maintenance & Installation Services

We provide distinctive maintenance and installation services under the supervision of a group of technicians and engineers who work with our specially trained and qualified technical support team. Our team consists of a number of leading manufacturers, allowing us to provide unparalleled service and expertise while adhering to strict deadlines. Our team’s goal is to meet your requirements in telephone installation and management. The FBS team authentically completes individualised telephone installations for your company in order to establish distinct technical support in the respective firm.

Our Clients