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Mitel Controllers

Mitel Networks Corporation, headquartered in Canada, is one of the most dependable sources of business equipment. The company has successfully integrated the selling of communication systems, maintenance installations, and other business connections. FBS ensures the best solution for client’s needs by integrating Mitel products and providing the best intervention. We facilitate the distribution of Mitel controllers such as the MITEL 3300 MXe III, MITEL 3300 EX, MITEL 3300 Cx II, MITEL 3300 AX, MITEL 470, MITEL SMBC, and MITEL 3300 MXe.  

MITEL 3300 MXe

Mitel 3300 controllers are specially designed hardware platforms with the MiVoice business as the mother source. Mitel 3300 Controllers are to be had in numerous variants – CX II/CXi II, MXe III, EX and AX – with every one supplying precise competency to cope with a huge variety of commercial enterprise needs. The Mitel 3300 Controller may be deployed as a media gateway, providing commercial enterprises with a gateway to productivity, improving solutions like unified messaging and cellular integration. While not having to put off your present communication gadget. Your commercial enterprise desires a large commercial business image, to be competitive, and to usually improve patron service, worker productivity, and lower the costs of doing commercial enterprise, and this infrastructure can help to achieve them. The Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) offers the reliability and complete capabilities of a PBX with the benefit of use and cost effectiveness of a small commercial enterprise solution, complete with productivity-improving programmes and statistical networking capability.


The CX offers LAN interface port, a Dynamic Host, and a Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. Tailored for small enterprises, the ICP CX/CXi supports IP phones, ONS/CLASS circuits, LS/CLASS circuits, one T1 or PRI link, ASU IIs and IP trunks for non-public networking.The system package of the CX/CXi controller consists of the additives such as LS/CLASS circuits, ONS circuits, Voice mail ports, DSPs, Dual DSP Module, Licenses, etc.The Basic System package deal does not encompass IP phones. The quantity of conference, voice mail, and compression assets is constant via way of means of the bought choice and the quantity of DSP gadgets available; the alternative values are adjustable. Compression alters the number of assets to be had for the gadget.


The Mitel 3300 MXe III is an improved model of the Mitel MiVoice Business 3300 Controllers. It’s an especially designed hardware system on which the Mitel MiVoice business communication solutions. It supports analogue trunks for emergency functions or analogue fax machines for the enterprise. The different elements of the Mitel 3300 Controller are that it may be deployed as a media gateway, offering your enterprise with a “gateway” to productively improve solutions like unified messaging and cellular integration-all while not having to eliminate your present communications system. It supports the most devices, including ACD agents and 5550 IP consoles. The 3300 MXe III Controllers, which are still completely available to customers.


Mitel has introduced a brand-new hardware version to be able to assisting the MiVoice Business with the intention of additionally being utilised in MiVoice MX-ONE and MiVoice 5000 deployments. The EX-Controller be a supplement to the prevailing hardware family, specifically, the 3300 CX II and 3300 MXe III Controllers, which are still completely available to customers.

MITEL Office 470

MiVoice Office 470 has a circle of relatives of IP-primarily based communications servers for professionals. It is suitable for agencies and small and medium-sized businesses in all industries. The own circle of relatives includes 4 structures with exclusive enlargement capacities. The structures may be increased by the use of cards, modules, and licenses, and are tailored to the unique needs of agencies. It covers the developing call for answers within the location of unified communications, multimedia, and greater cell services. It is an open device that supports international requirements and consequently, can be included in any present infrastructure. With its wide range of networking capabilities, the device is especially appealing to agencies that operate in multiple locations. At a low cost, coverage may even be extended to the smallest departmental places of work. The interface cards of Mitel 470 are equipped from the front into one of seven complete slots.


The Mitel SMB Controller, pre-loaded with the MiVoice Office four hundred utility software programs, is a verbal exchange server for the small and medium commercial enterprise segment. It is an effective all-IP device platform organized to run the next-generation, cloud-based applications, e.g., the MiVoice Office Mobile Application, through Mitel CloudLink, which is embedded within the solution. This provides the best security for all clients who want to migrate their communications to the cloud at their own pace, step by step. The verbal exchange server is accelerated with the use of interface playing cards and device modules. The SMB Controller ships with a geared-up CPU module, 6 analogue terminal interfaces, and a Gbit-LAN connection. In agencies with numerous locations, a huge variety of interface playing cards and add-on licences permit using SIP, analogue, and virtual terminals, in addition to the connection to the general public community through SIP trunks or ISDN trunk lines.

Mitel Handsets

The universal threshold is circled on the axis of telecommunication. The navigation of your telephone system can forecast the future of your business. FBS ensures competent customised telephone services with the provision of top-quality business phones with an extensive collection of IP phones, Wi-Fi phones, DECT phones, Consoles, Analog, Digital, and Conference phones to accomplish your company’s requirements corresponding to the area of business. In this cumulative phase of the world market, FBS aids you with a comprehensive line of IP desktop devices within a reasonable range. FBS collaborates with the Mitel MiVoice range of telephone systems to provide unique mouthpiece amenities. Customers are astounded by this leading creative firm’s wide range of IP phones with cordless handsets and Bluetooth headsets, ranging from entry to advanced levels, with a distinct superiority in their calibre. Our platform assists each organisation to track their algorithm to success. 


The powerful productivity enhancing desk phone that gives business leaders the edge.
  • 7” (800×480 pixel) color LCD Touch Display
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Mobile Integration
  • Mobile phone charging port
  • Cordless BT speech optimized handset
  • Enhanced full-duplex speakerphone
  • Multi-programmable personal touch keys
  • PCLink
  • 6 context sensitive soft keys


A robust and highly customizable desktop communication tool designed to maximize the communication experience.
  • 4.3” (480×272 pixel) color display
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Mobile Integration
  • USB Mobile phone charging point
  • Multi-programmable personal touch keys
  • PCLink
  • 5 Context sensitive soft keys
  • Voice optimized handset
  • Programmable Personal keys
  • Context Sensitive soft keys
  • Speech optimized corded handset
  • Support for optional Cordless handset
  • Enhanced full-duplex speakerphone
  • Highly customizable via optional accessories


Designed from the ground up to combine flexibility and reliability for all users.
  • 3.5-inch QVGA color display: 320×240 pixel
  • Crystal clear HD audio
  • High quality full-duplex speakerphone
  • Corded speech optimized handset
  • Speech optimized corded handset
  • Multi Programmable keys
  • Native DHSG/EHS analog headset support
  • USB port for headsets and accessories
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE


An enterprise grade desktop phone with standard telephony features - ideal for business of all sizes.
  • 3.4” 128×48 pixel LCD Display with soft white backlighting
  • Eight Programmable Personal Keys with LED Indicators
  • Four-way Navigation Key with Select/OK Button
  • HD Wideband Audio
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Native EHS/DHSG Headset support
  • PoE Class 2


A well-designed device for standard communications.
  • 2.75” LCD Display
  • Three Programmable Personal Keys
  • Three context-sensitive Softkeys
  • Navigation Clusters
  • 12 Fixed Feature Keys
  • Incoming Call/Message Waiting Indicator
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • PoE Power (802.3af)
  • Mitel Hi-Q Audio Technology
  • Full-duplex Wideband Handset and Speakerphone


A feature-rich SIP enabled VoWiFi phone that is ideally suited for businesses that require both wireless voice and data communications.
  • Dimensions (l x w x d): 137 × 52 × 21 mm
  • Weight: 135g (battery and clip included)
  • 240 × 320 pixel LCD color screen with white backlighting
  • 3 programmable soft keys
  • 9 programmable hot keys
  • Push button alarm
  • Up to 1000 entries with company phone book
  • Up to 250 entries in local phone book
  • 14 ring signals, flashing LED and vibrator
  • Supports WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards
  • Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 


A conference device with high quality audio and advanced integration features to make your meetings easier.
  • 7″ (800×480 pixel) color LCD Touch Display
  • Mitel Hi-Q Audio Technology
  • 360° beam forming microphones
  • Multi-programmable personal touch keys
  • 6 context-sensitive soft keys
  • One-touch Join Meeting
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Mobile Integration

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