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We are the Experts

Landscaping : We are the experts!

The desert environment of Kuwait makes the implementation of unique and superior styles an exciting challenge. We have had three proven years of experience, creating simply gorgeous gardens of all dimensions and types by using avant-garde technology in design and installation.

Aesthetics will no doubt be your major criteria. We have the expertise to guarantee delightful ambience and a harmonious environment. How? By skillful design, good organization and efficient installation of entire project, from grass, plants, trees and passage ways, along with lighting, irrigation systems, textured painted walls and garden exterior structures. Have a look at our Landscape Gallery and see for yourself! Then talk to our experts and get a free brochure and free advise.

Landscaping Services : Design, Implementation and Nursery

FBS has many years experience in designing and crafting landscapes of all dimensions and styles by using advanced technology for design, creation and transplantation. With specialist knowledge of Kuwait’s arid climate, we have developed and implemented many new techniques. Our experience and specialist know-how have proven that it is possible to turn your dreams into reality.

Visual pleasure from aesthetically pleasing landscapes will be your prime goal. We have the right amount of organisation and expertise to accurately design the optimum synergy of grasses, plants, trees and ornate passage ways that will complement lighting and irrigation systems, textured painted walls and garden exterior structures, all blending together to create beautiful harmony and gorgeous ambience.

We create artificial lakes, pools, ponds and specific types of specialist flooring. Exterior furnishings, such as gazebos, pergolas, and outdoor furniture that add personality to any garden will also blend in with the overall ambience of your landscape design. We have designed and implemented private gardens, roof gardens resorts and theme parks. Talk to our experts today and get free advise.

Consultancy Steps

1. Site survey of the landscape is essential. Images of the site are then taken for use in the presentation program and for use in the necessary studies undertaken to guarantee the soil conditions are suitable for the proposed task. Soil analysis, knowledge of the costumer's existing land potential, design requirements and finally a cost estimation of the assignment, after our client's have confirmed their complete requirements.

2. Simulation and Master Plan as well as a complete proposed irrigation systems design.

3. Client Approval of the overall design and proposed budget.

4. Suggested client changes.

5. Client's final approval on budget and design requirements.

6. Execution of approved design begins.

7. Client confirmation of delivery.

8. Regular Maintenance as agreed per the contract.

Benefits of Consultancy: Guarantees your continuous involvement with less room for error and miscommunication. Every phase is discussed and minuted to ensure full understandings and clarity
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Irrigation Overview : Extensive range of products, advice and support

FBS is the official distributor of top quality irrigation products, introducing the latest technology related to agriculture and landscaping into the Kuwaiti market.

We offer technical advice, reliable access to spare parts, the full range of Toro brand and maintenance of machiner.
We stock products by TORO, the global leader in turf maintenance equipment and precision irrigation systems.

IRRIGATION PRODUCTS that work together to provide optimal water-management solutions for all your irrigation needs: sprinkler heads, brass and plastic valves, electric and hydraulic control devices designed for professional or retro fitting in residential, golf and commercial underground irrigation systems.

MACHINERY PRODUCTS include TORO ® Dingo ® compact utility loaders with more than 35 attachments; large reel and rotary riding products for fairways, rough and trim cutting; riding and walk mowers for greens and specialty areas; turf sprayer equipment; utility vehicles; aeration and sandtrap equipment.